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Nile business city NewCapital


Nile Business City NewCapital

Nile  Development  has announced the opening of the reservation door for the second longest tower in the capital after the iconic tower  on the green river. 12% off the first 100 customers during the 100-customer period and benefit from various discounts.

Nile Business City NewCapital
Nile Business City NewCapital

Nile Business City Location

Nile Business City Tower is located in the administrative capital of MU-32 down town, which is the middle of the Green River and behind the Central Park.
At the best place on the Green River, which is the center of the new administrative capital.
The middle of the Green River is the largest occasional area behind it is the central park of the capital’s new downtown area.


  • The highest and largest vertical city in Africa.
  • The second highest skyscraper in Egypt after the Iconocion tower at a height of 233 meters.


own your unit now 

30 %down payment and installments up to 9 years

Nile Business City NewCapital

احجز وحدتك الان واستفيد بخصومات اللونش Nile Business City NewCapital.

Nile Business City NewCapital
Units overlooking the Green River and the Bin Zayed Axis. Africa's tallest administrative tower with a height of 233m. The first vertical city in Africa. Offers: Benefit from 12% discount, 47% discount on cash, administrative spaces: from 33 m. call us now 01119811423.
Nile Business City NewCapital
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nile business city
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